Photo Booths: The Perfect Excuse to Bring Out your Silly Side!

Want to give your guests a special and memorable experience at your next event? Set up a photo booth at the reception with a wide array of props for the guests to use and, we promise, they will keep coming back for some photo booth fun all night long.

More and more couples are opting for ways to keep their wedding entertaining. With props such as mustaches, kissy face lips, boas and hats, photo booths can be the center of attention and quite addictive.

Here are some tips for a picture perfect photo booth:

DSC_1402Renting or DIY’ing: While renting is the easiest way to go, if you’re like the ladies of L&L, you are all about DIY. There are so many creative ideas to use as a backdrop that can suite the theme of your event. Some of our favorites are a fun or funky curtain, old doors for an outdoor rustic look or even a cut out white poster size board to create your own giant polaroid picture frame.

Who’s going to take the picture? There are plenty of options that will suit any budget. You can always hire a photographer (sometimes their assistant will handle the photo booth for a portion of the night) or for a less expensive option, simply have a camera sitting on a tri-pod with a remote switch. Either of these options are suitable, however, with smartphones and iPhones in the palms of everyone’s hands, most of your guests will probably opt for using their own phones to take pictures anyway.

Collect Some Props: There are SO many options here. Head over to a dollar store and stock up on boas, sunglasses, hats, costume jewellery, ect. Bring some frames, white boards or chalkboards so each guest can write down a funny or personal message. For some printable props you can cut out and use, check out the following link:,article/403/free-printable-fun-photo-DSC_1404booth-props

Let’s Get Technical: Let’s face it people, we live in a world with technology all around us. Embrace it and put it to good use! If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any pictures, have your guests use a hashtag (#) when posting on social media. Chances are you will want a hard copy of all these photos. Apps such as Prinstagram will allow you to fulfill all your printing needs!

Have fun capturing silly and memorable moments with friends and family at your next event!



Until next time,

The Ladies of L&L

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