Shannon Bienvenue

Shannon is a proud Maritimer with Celtic roots, so community, connections and collaboration have always been part of her DNA.  She founded her eponymous branding agency, Sb Creative Group, almost 19 years ago, and when she’s not creating ideas for the brands she partners with, she is the mom of two amazing teens who keep her on her toes.

Two years ago, the year before she turned 50, Shannon began a “Spread Kindness Campaign,”  a journey of giving either time or money to women and organizations that were also dedicated to the pursuit of empowering and inspiring teens, girls and women.  Shannon decided that rather than throw herself a party to celebrate her 50th birthday, she would give back to the communities and hopefully begin a ripple of change here in Québec for community, collaboration and inspiration. She believes there’s no better gift to herself and her children, William & Catherine.

The few years, Shannon decided to take it a bit further and being a non-profit organization she named Girls Living Out Loud (GLOL) where they have an annual summit to advocate for teens and young women in Quebec the importance of discovering who they are, creating a safe space to talk openly about life struggles and stress, and giving them practical tools to cope and thrive to be the best version of themselves. To really talk about the life is not perfect and it never will be, but how we decide to go through the journey it totally our choice.