What are your POUNDS made of?

Did you know that people generally eat between 3 and 5 pounds of food each day?

The BIGGER question… What are your 3-5 lbs made of?

If we choose natural, whole foods, the foods we choose will fill us up, boost our health, give us more energy and naturally lower our body fat. If we choose “junk food”, who knows what can happen? Blurred vision, headaches, that extra bulge…bottom line just NO GOOD. We eat it, we love it, we hate it, we rush, we crash and then we’re pissed and inside our heads angrily ask, “why did I just eat that?”

I recently learned from an article that a typical fast food value meal has the same amount of calories as 18 apples.


Let me give you a picture perfect idea of how whole foods compare to processed foods!


1. Regulate appetite so you don’t overeat

2. Control blood sugar/insulin, so you can avoid energy swings and diabetes

3. Provide the best nutrition, so you can remain healthy for life

4. The body thrives and loves healthy food and will forever be thankful.

cheese sliceCelery_jpgFOOD DENSITY: This is what 200 calories of cheese and celery look like! To understand food density you don’t need a degree. A better choice can be made just by looking at a product. Your intuition will alert you, but just in case you’re in denial ask yourself…is it FRESH? Will it FILL you up and SATISFY you or PISS you off because you’re still hungry after you ate it?

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not professing that you should never eat a piece of cheese, have chocolate or a few chips ever again. Our body craves an indulgence once in a while and you should definitely have it.

What I am saying is do not let your daily choices and consumption be swayed by unhealthy foods!

If we prioritize and choose nutritious, real, controlled energy foods, there will be very little room left for the energy dense fake food. Remember you only have 3-5 pounds to play with…don’t be impulsive and ask yourself, “WHAT ARE MY FOOD POUNDS MADE OF”?


nancy chernoff photoNancy Chernoff is a registered Integrative Nutrition Counselor & Coach form the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. If you would like to have a free 50 minute Health History consultation to look at your overall well being please contact Nancy at FearlessFlame:
nancy@fearlessflame.com or call 514-953-8287

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