Practice what you preach…transforming your space with paint

Okay, so you know that saying, “do as I say, not as I do?”  Well, I seem to be the queen of that!


As much as I love great design, and having a space look absolutely beautiful and put together, it is sometimes hard to actually get everything together in order to get it done in my own home (not to mention the time it takes to convince my husband that it is the right design choice for our place).


Well, after I wrote my first blog on how to instantly transform your space through paint, I decided to take the time to follow my own advice.


My husband and I live in a condo and we inevitability think of it as a temporary home. We therefore tend not to make any permanent design choices, such as paint.  However, after my blog, I decided enough was enough and finally decided to paint our bedroom!


My "blah" bedroom before I created an accent wall...

My “blah” bedroom before my husband and I painted an accent wall…

It’s not like the bedroom itself was bad. It had all of the necessary design elements (great bedding, mirrored side tables that I’m a little bit obsessed with, and a headboard that I LOVE). However, all four walls were still painted in the “builders basic white,” which sometimes gave the room a bit of a sterile feeling.


I  recently helped my sister in-law with the design of her new home, and one of the paint colors that we used in her place was the perfect color to match my bedding as well as the curtains that I recently installed in our bedroom.  So after routing through her garage, I found some extra paint.


The next day my husband and I got to work…


It’s funny how things always seem like such a large project before you start. The thought of getting the supplies together, moving the furniture, prepping the walls, all seemed like so much work, it just didn’t seem worth it, but in all reality it didn’t even take us a full afternoon!


It's amazing what one wall of color can do to a space!

It’s amazing what one wall of color can do to a space!

We filled in the old nail holes, taped up the edges of our walls with painters tape, and started painting.  Two hours later and we were done! Voila,! A totally different look to our room, and for so little effort!  I know that the picture doesn’t quite do the room justice, but it is truly a transformation that has made me fall in love with our bedroom all over again!  It’s kind of making me think…  what other rooms should I start painting?!





Another after photo ...once again, I'm loving these table ...

…once again, I’m loving these table …

Another before image (but this one shows my side tables :p  )

Another before image (but this one shows my side tables :p )


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