It’s 7:30 am and my husband is asking me why I am putting on makeup to go to the gym. Let me be clear, this makeup he speaks of is a light dusting of bronzer and some mascara. Either way, the answer is this “I am going to stare at myself in a mirror for one hour. If I can’t stand to look at myself with no makeup on, why should everyone else have to?”. I don’t care what you say, I look way better with makeup and don’t take this the wrong way, but you probably do too.

Now don’t get all “it’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts” on me.

I am fully aware that what you look like does not define who you are but for the sake of this blog and a good light “read” I am going to maintain that (if you aren’t already) it’s time to start wearing a little bit of makeup. Over the years of applying and selling makeup to women just like you and me, I have heard it all. I have no time, I don’t know how and so on. Was that you in the car next to me not only applying powder and blush but eyeliner as well? In the car? Do they ticket women for applying makeup while driving? It’s kind of like texting. Sort of.

There comes a point where as a woman, you cross the threshold from being in your twenties, finished school maybe starting a new job to being close to thirty, thirty or more and it might not be ok to leave your house for work in a topknot and no makeup. Wikipedia tells me that “the history of cosmetics spans at least 6000 years and is present in almost every society on earth.” Makeup was created for a reason, so why are you resisting? Makeup is also available literally everywhere! While it used to be a very exclusive type of product that could be found in the finest stores, there is now a product for everyone and every budget.

As a little girl, I would stand at my mother’s hip and watch as she carefully applied eye liner, mascara and lipstick.

My original makeup guru.

My original makeup guru.

Begging her, waiting for the day I would be allowed to wear and own my own collection. I still remember the first two eye shadows I bought from MAC. I treasured them. I was in high school and I wore them every day with my favourite eye liner. I was hooked from there and became a makeup junkie. I would tear pages of magazines with advertisements and bring them to the pharmacy where I would spend my hard earned part time dollars. My friends knew me as the one that wore makeup. None of them wore any makeup (sorry girls, I know some of you still don’t…still love you though!!), just me. I say this with love, please wear some mascara and bronzer. Maybe some powder? A little goes a long way.

I have applied makeup to every kind of woman. From the young teenager getting her first collection, to a mom going back to work after being on mat leave, to a woman celebrating her retirement looking for a fresh look. It’s all about what you are comfortable with.

Simplify the job with eye shadow palettes and a nude lipstick.

I will never sell you anything you don’t need because really, I want you to reach into your bag and be happy to use the one, two or ten products you have committed to. A little bit of makeup will give you a finished polished look. Don’t be scared! You don’t have to go all Kim Kardashian with your makeup choices. Choose something easy and realistic. Powder with a big brush, mascara, bronzer (always) and lipgloss or a nude lipstick. Give yourself seven extra minutes in the morning. You won’t regret it.

I wear makeup to the gym. I wear makeup to hockey practice. I wore

24 hours post delivery-if my face felt good, I felt better!

24 hours post delivery-if my face felt good, I felt better!

makeup even after the worst sleepless night when my kids were babies. If my face looks tired, I feel tired. Maybe it’s just me! My girlfriend once texted me and I told her I was at the walk in clinic because I was so sick and congested. We chatted a bit and then they called me so I told her I had to go. She said okay, chat later and by the way, are you wearing makeup? Don’t leave home without it ladies.

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