Real Estate for the Dogs!

f22c8ab57c82e8d2d04e84df9b08b912Looking for your perfect home is always a challenge, however finding one with special requirements that is specific to a particular need is another…

I’m starting to see a more popular buying trend with people not only looking for homes that are great family homes for their kids, but that also offer adequate backyards, running space and amenities that can also cater to our other beloved children… our doggies!

I joke around that I sniff out the best real estate deals in and around the Island of Montreal that is best suited for our four legged babies because of this new buying trend.
I’m a dog lover, a dog owner to a beautiful border collie and like many other dog owners; our dogs are as much of a member of the family as our kids are. So why wouldn’t we also consider their needs when buying a home?


I bought my house a few years ago in the West Island of Montreal, in Dorval to be specific, and when I was looking for a place; my dog’s needs were also taken into consideration. I own a fairly active boy who needs proper outdoor space he can enjoy. In the West Island and Montérégie areas, buyers have the luxury of finding larger lots that provide great outdoor spaces for our dogs.

When looking for a dog friendly home, it is important to find one that caters to their well being and enjoyment.

Believe it or not, there are several important factors to consider when looking for a dog friendly home and here are some I’ve learned over the years

Does the home have adequate space where the dog can be safely contained? Are there local dog runs and off-leash parks where the dog can exercise and socialize?  Is it a dog friendly neighbourhood? Are there city restrictions for certain breeds? Are there many veterinary clinics, grooming places and pet stores that can service my dog’s needs? These are some important questions to consider when looking for the right property for you, your family and that of your furry family member. th

I love the challenge of working in real estate and having people present me with special requirements during the home buying process, such as dog friendly homes. I pride myself in adjusting and learning to work with their diverse needs! Like buying a condo that allows for animals in the building. More and more developments are allowing for condo owners to own pets and more specifically dogs. The most important thing to remember when buying a condo is to read and understand properly the condominiums co-ownership documents that address the animal rights and restrictions of the building.

So next time you look to purchase a home, remember that if you have a dog, that there are properties that are more dog friendly then others.

Not only will you be delighted to have a real estate broker, like myself, that can assist with those special requests but one that will also end with a happy tail!

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