Rejection… no one likes it

Have you ever been invited to an event, I’m talking to you, single ladies, and faced the dastardly deed of having to “muster every ounce of confidence [you] have and cannon ball into the water”?

The metaphorical ball is now in your court and it is up to you to decide what you want to do with it. photo-2

You can:

a)    Ask a guy out

b)   Fly solo

c)    Hope you will meet someone at the event

d)   RSVP ‘not attending’, fearing that going alone would be a fate worse than death.

e)    CRY… all alone

After you have done E, eaten some chocolate, cleaned up your face from the streams of non-waterproof mascara,crying you do exactly what Teddy Geiger sung about in 2006. Just go for it. Well that’s what I did.

Here’s what happened.

I have an event in October, and I was invited with a guest. Being single, it is somewhat challenging to find a guy that I know well enough so it’s not awkward – but not well enough that maybe, just maybe it might turn into something.

When I received the invitation I began thinking about whom I could bring.

One guy came to mind but I was hesitant to ask him. The fear of rejection was more than I thought I could bear. Nevertheless, I did it. He said no. He told me he would be out of town.

I've been that girl! The boy kisses her and not me. And so, life goes on.

I’ve been that girl! The boy kisses her and not me. And so, life goes on.

Guy number #2 was an ideal candidate. Cute, nice and I knew I would feel comfortable asking him. I sent him a text.

“Hey I have this event in October and thought it would be fun if you would come with me. I don’t know if you are seeing anyone but just thought it would be fun. Let me know”


He said no, but this time it seemed like he was genuinely upset he couldn’t come. He had an event going on himself and just couldn’t make it.

But it’s guy #3 who takes the cake in his response. He received a similar text message as guy #2 but it turns out, he’s seeing someone. He replied, “I highly doubt my girlfriend will allow me to go with you.”

Woah ALLOW???! Sorry bucko but your girlfriend seems like a B%&CH.

Your loss guy #3. This will be an event on a Saturday night which means I won’t be wearing my chopped off sweatpants-turned-shorts pyjamas and Backstreet Boys t-shirt.  In any case, I will be following option B, flying solo but keeping in mind that option C might also be a possibility and maybe, just maybe, I’ll meet someone there!

Until next time, when I write about finding the benefits of being single, keep fit and have fun!

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  • Helaine
    Posted at 20:41h, 08 October Reply

    Dear Sweet Robyn,
    I smiled when I read this little item you submitted.It is because of the content combined with How you say what you feel.(as always!)…..And i truly believe that Any guy who misses an opportunity or chance to spend an evening with you,is missing out on a bubbly,wonderful,sincere,very special,extraordinary,Fabulous person!..xoxoxox Auntie H.

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