My Very Own Renovation: Part IV

It is finally time to finish off this blog series on my renovation!!!!!

I need to start off by apologizing for the delay of this post, but my son decided that he wanted to come into the world a little bit early, and since then I haven’t had a moment to write this.  Fortunately the renovations were completed about a week before he made his appearance!

I know that everyone is curious as to how the house turned out, so without further ado …


Entry Before and after

Entry Way: Before and After

The entry way before and after:  There are many changes that were done to this space including, the flooring, paint, carpet removal, etc…

The main tip that I will give from the work done in this space, is that when your budget is tight, paint can go a LONG way!

Instead of replacing the stair hand rail and posts, we painted them, giving them a new life!


Living before and after

Living Room: Before and After

The Living room before and after: Once again many changes were done to this space.

The main thing that I decided to change was the main usage of this space.  I decided that instead of a formal living room, which in my opinion is not used very often anyways, I would use the space as a home office/ sitting area.

Many people feel that if a space is designated as a certain room, than that is what the room should be. But I strongly believe that you should use your home in the way that best suits you!

Dining Room: Before and After

Dining Room: Before and After

The dining room before and after: This room was given new life by changing the flooring and adding some fun paint techniques.

The main tip that I would give for this room is that you should not be afraid to play around with paint!

Interest was given to this room by simply putting in a chair rail and splitting the colours between the main color of the house and the accent colour of the house (both are found throughout the main floor).


Kitchen: Before and After

Kitchen: Before and After

The kitchen before and after: This room had a complete overhaul!  All of the cabinets were removed, the layout was changed around, and walls were opened up to give it better access to the other rooms.

The tip that I would like to reiterate when it comes to a kitchen is to go over it with a fine toothed comb after it is completed.  To be honest, I am still finding little touch ups that need to be corrected.  As I use the kitchen and find these little touch ups, I write them all down on a list so that my kitchen manufacturer can come by and correct them.



family roomIMG_0138


Family Room After: Opened wall overlooking the kitchen






The family room before and after:  This room is my favorite transformation!  It’s not that so much was necessarily done to the space, but more so the fact that the wall that separated it from the kitchen is now gone.  This room is now open and cozy, and is the perfect space to spend days with my baby.

The main tip that I would give from this space is to try and make a space in your home that you love and that works for the whole family!


Powder Room: Before and After

Powder Room: Before and After


Last but not least … the powder room before and after: This transformation was pretty simple but makes a big impact.


In here we changed out the flooring, vanity, and wall colour.  I love putting darker colours in small powder rooms as it is always a surprise to guests and gives it a very dramatic feel.


Thank you everyone for joining me and my family through our renovation … I wish you all luck in your own renovations, and as always if you have any design questions, I would be happy to answer them!


Photos Provided By: Interiors Designed by Naomi Weissmann





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