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So, it’s April and I have to wonder when the snow will finally melt away! Truth be told, we really haven’t had that much snow fall according to meteorologists. Yet, it seems the snow has been with us for far too long now and the bone chilling cold has left many of us with no desire to engage in any outdoor activities.

Out enjoying some winter activities until it became the winter that never ends...

Out enjoying some winter activities until it became the winter that never ends…

Even us Montrealers, born and raised here, have all limited our outdoor fun and almost secluded ourselves indoors.

Usually the gym is the “go-to” place for a good exercise to keeping active in the long winter, but after a while we long to be outdoors and smell the fresh air during a brisk walk or run.

My family and I are ready to hang up our skates, skis and snowboards to trade them for roller blades and bicycles. We are anticipating the warm weather and sun on our faces.

Here are some activities you can look forward to as the weather warms up:

One of the best warmer weather activity is walking. It’s free and easy! You can walk solo with a great playlist, a friend or two, join a walking group or even sign up for a charity event. The fresh air and sunshine will make you feel invigorated, you won’t even notice the mileage adding up. You can even carry a pedometer to keep track of the calories burned, count steps and miles.

Nice walk or jog

Nice walk or jog

Then as the days reach in the high 20s, our summer days are filled at the pool and “beach” (our man-made beaches are a great substitute to the salt water oceans). Swimming is another great activity because it’s a full body workout. We are fortunate in Montreal to have access to many public municipal pools, so sign up at local pool near you. There are some good aquatic activities too! Regardless of your fitness level, you can get a great workout in the water. Your aqua fit instructor will offer plenty of modifications to increase or decrease the level of difficulty or just keep your own pace. A good body workout in the water gets your heart pumping and muscles toned while keeping you refreshed on a hot summer day.

Jump on a bicycle! There are so many good health benefits as well as feeling good. It’s a fantastic activity for the whole family. Make a day of it by packing a light snack and have yourselves a picnic at a park on your route. A stationary bicycle is just as good. Cycling is a great exercise because it works many parts of the body. I always feel better after a spin on my bike, it recharges my body, mind and soul. If you want to do more serious cycling or spinning classes, you can find clubs in your area to train with as a group. A friend of the family joined the Ride to Conquer Cancer. He raised money for a great cause and lost weight while doing it.

The activities are endless in the summer: lawn bowling, tennis, golf, hiking, roller blading and even gardening are all excellentmeSMKh8 examples. Try something new and you might discover a new passion while keeping in shape.

If you’re looking for a group or team activity, check out your local city’s website. There’s usually a list of registration information for all kinds of physical activities for all age groups.

Let’s say goodbye to Winter 2015 and welcome spring with open arms.

It may not seem like it, but the warm weather is literally just around the corner. Let’s all band together, start thinking of snow melting away, flowers blooming and cooking delicious meals on the BBQs and then hopefully it will come faster!

Spring always gives us a pep in our step and the extra “umphff” to be active and outdoors in the longer daylight. So, since our warm weather days just last a few months, let’s take advantage and make the most it. Start planning, get your family and friends involved. Take action and do it before we freeze our little “buns” off again!


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