Star of the show: your wedding day hair and makeup

Enhance your image by working with a makeup artist and hairstylist on your wedding day.

Planning a wedding is like shooting a movie.  You are the star of the show, but you have to deal with producers, directors, site location, the cameras and costume.

Tracy on her wedding day. Makeup by Sharon B.

Tracy on her wedding day. Makeup by Sharon B.

Then there are the image-makers – the hairstylists and makeup artists.  As in the movies, they are a team.  They are familiar with the cast and crew.

In many cases the leading role, the “star,” has her own hairdresser and makeup artist. What a  stress reliever!

The trust and confidence are there.

I am a firm believer in working with the hairdresser.  The look of your makeup varies according to how you will be wearing your hair.

If your hair is done up, makeup takes on a different look than when the hair is down.  I believe that hair done up has a more “regal” look, while hair down appears more natural.  There lies the difference in your makeup-especially in the choice of lip color.  If a darker lip suits you, it is more complimentary to an “up” hairstyle, while a softer lip color better suits a “down “ hairdo.


Sharon B. doing Michelle’s makeup.

Your face is the canvas of the painting and your hair is the frame.

Your hairdresser will be much more inspired when the canvas is completed.  Usually a trial is done before so both artists have the idea of the look that has to be achieved, however, on the day of the wedding, when the makeup is applied first, it gives the hairdresser an even more creative view of what has to be achieved and it is usually even better than planned.

Makeup is extremely important for the photographer and videographer too. The pictures and images are for a lifetime and the proper makeup can make the difference between  a magical photo album and video or one that you won’t want to look at ten years from now.

It is important for the makeup artist to understand the camera.   The intensity of the makeup application is crucial, especially today with HD!


Be yourself.  Create a face that your groom will recognize when he lifts your veil.  Simply be enhanced…not changed.

Enjoy every moment of your special day and all that comes before and after it!

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