Starting the Next Chapter on January 26th

Just about one year ago, I’d come back from a lovely family vacation and began an emotional downhill slide that culminated in a psychiatric hospitalization. It was one of the most challenging periods of my life, and while I’m proud that I reached out and got the help I needed, I’ve been looking forward to closing the door on 2017.

That said, January can be a challenging month for women in general. The holidays are over, the weather is horrendous and despite everything we read and hear about making a healthy, fresh start in the new year, it’s way easier said than done. I know that I haven’t been feeling my best, but I also know that the anticipation of sliding down hill is worse than how I’m actually feeling. So I’ve been kicking the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy into high gear, trying to reframe my negative thoughts and telling myself that just because last year was a mental health shit show, it doesn’t mean I’m in rehearsal for the sequel.

I’m working hard at not getting stuck in the same old story; the one I’ve been telling myself for the better part of my life – that I have no value, that something bad is about to happen, that I’m a burden and a fraud. With the support of friends and family, the tools and techniques I’ve learned from a wonderful psychologist, and a lot of self-compassion, I’m doing my best to rewrite the words on those dog-eared pages and start a brand new chapter in 2018.

Lisa and I know that whether or not your struggle with your mental health, many of us carry the burden of negative self-talk. Of not feeling like we’re good enough or that we’re lacking in some way.  

What we’ve both learned (after a lot of work and soul-searching) is that you don’t need to walk around with that burden. By empowering ourselves with tools and techniques, we can overcome that negativity and rewrite the stories that hold us back.

Being in a healthy frame of mind, feeling confident, taking risks and practicing self-care is not something that comes naturally. It’s something we need to work at it every single day. Lisa and I have learned so much through our own struggles and we are passionate about helping women grow. We want to be part of your 2018 journey to becoming a healthier, more fulfilled you.

Join us on January 26th, 2018, in an intimate workshop setting at the beautiful L’Espace Beaconsfield Inc.,to start the process of feeling empowered and rewrite your story. We promise you’ll leave armed with the tools to keep your evolution going (plus a great lunch and a lot of cool SWAG too!).  

Attendance is limited and there are only FIVE tickets remaining, so get yours before they sell out!

A HUGE thank you to our generous sponsors. As always, we are proud to support (and be supported by) strong women!

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