Stronger Together: Intimacy & Infertility

It’s a fight, a struggle and one that often leaves us feeling alone and desperate. When I first entered the world of infertility seven years ago, it seemed like a solvable puzzle. It was a problem that, if we followed the rules and were dedicated enough, could solve. But anyone who’s been on this journey knows that’s not always the case.

It’s a world of mixed feelings, anticipation, anxiety and often, disappointment. Your sanity isn’t the only casualty in this fight. For me, the inability to conceive threatened the very fabric of my relationship.

Making love was no longer an act of passion, it was a job.

The obsession with having a baby became the centrepiece of every conversation; there were no more casual dinners. With each passing month, the pain grew deeper and I found our relationship at a real crossroads. We could either grow stronger or be torn apart.


The truth of the matter is no one knows how long your journey to conceive will be. As a person you may begin to withdraw from life and blame yourself. My life became a very focused world full of doctors’ appointments and blood tests, ultrasounds and invasive procedures. It’s easy to get angry at the world when you want the one thing you can’t have.

As a couple, you slowly shut down. The intimacy you once shared can be swallowed up in disappointment and resentment. You begin to feel like outsiders playing for opposite teams.

It’s through all these experiences that I struggled to find hope. My partner and I came out on the other side and I want to let others know there is a common experience that we all can share.

Some couples build their families with the help of a donor; some go through rounds of infertility treatments. One in six couples struggle to have a child; these problems are not just yours, they are ours.


That is why I have put together a workshop that will help you and your partner. In For The Long Haul: A Journey Through Infertility. It’s an evening filled with expert advice that will give you and your partner the tools to nurture each other and find a way to talk about the issues and find hope.

In one evening, speakers will help peel back the stigma of infertility, talk about bringing romance back into the bedroom and ultimately, let you know you’re not alone in this fight.

As we move into the holiday season this is the time to truly be with the one you love. Together, side-by-side you’ll get through this tricky time and we can help. Join us at In For The Long Haul: A Journey Through Infertility Thursday December 8, 2016 at 7:00p.m. For tickets and more information check out the Eventbrite.

-Amira Posner




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