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I thought we should start things off by letting you know how I like to dress. My personal style is pretty simple. I like to keep things clean, a little edgy and (hopefully) chic.

You can almost always find me in some sort of heathered grey. American Apparel tri-blend deep V tees are a favorite.

Skinny jeansSkinny jeans are a wardrobe staple for me. Distressed skinny jeans are a bit of an obsession. This AG pair is on heavy rotation in my closet. One day I was stepping into them and put my foot through the knee hole – and made it into an “all the way down to the ankle” hole. That was a very bad day. God bless my tailor.

Leather jacketI have had some sort of moto jacket in my closet since the early 90s. This H&M The New Icons version is my most recent acquisition. I immediately feel 10 times cooler when I have this on, and it gives me a little thrill that people often mistake it for Balmain.

BeltI will never, ever get tired of leopard accents. This J Crew belt was an amazing purchase a few years ago and is still worn weekly. It’s still available, which says something about the fashion longevity of leopard accessories.

ConverseWhile I’m a big fan of ankle boots, I am a bigger fan of Converse. I think Chucks look good with pretty much everything, and between the 5 people I live with, there are about 15 pairs circulating around my house. On a recent family trip to NYC, my daughters had their Converse customized at the SOHO store, which I think is one of the coolest things ever.

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