Stuff my kids say….

I usually write about women and work.  But a big part of my “work” is raising my precious little boys.  And the stuff they say is sometimes hilarious.  I love the humour in their words.  It gets me through the day.

Here’s a collection of some of their funniest moments over the years.  My boys are now 10 and 8 years old, and the funny stuff keeps on coming.  I hope it continues for many years to come!

2014-08-12_21-00-14At the dinner table one night with their grand-parents…”Mommy, do you have parents?”

       2014-08-12_21-00-14  “Mommy, when I am ready to live on my own, do I move out of the house…or do you and Daddy move out of our house?”

 2014-08-12_21-00-14  “I have 2 Mommies!!” My son’s explanation of why his aunt looks exactly like his Mommy (I have an identical twin sister).

        2014-08-12_21-00-14 Got pulled over for a speeding ticket with kids in the car.  “Uh-oh Mommy, are you gonna go to prison?”

 2014-08-12_21-00-14 During a family vacation in a hotel room, my son woke me in the middle of night asking if it was ok to flush the toilet.  His concern?  The sound of the toilet flushing might wake me.

        2014-08-12_21-00-14 On the way out the door….”Did you brush your teeth?  Yes, Mom!!  “This morning??”  Oh…be right back!!

 2014-08-12_21-00-14 On the topic of sex….”It’s when two people love each other and kiss”.  I asked them where they learned that.  “Big Bang Theory!”



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