How to Style a Sweet Table

Sweet tables are always a huge hit at any event. A great party element for any age, these tables are always a crowd favourite, especially for guests with a sweet tooth!

If you’re incorporating a dessert table at your next shindig, check out the following tips and tricks to make the planning process as smooth as possible:


Get Inspired:

These eye-catching dessert tables should be cohesive with the theme and essence of your party. Whether you’re planning your company’s annual event, bar or bat mitzvah, a wedding or shower, a sweet table is a great focal point for your special day. To balance out the table, try incorporating a main “centerpiece” to draw people’s attention. A large cake on a lovely cake stand, a tiered cupcake stand or a beautiful floral arrangement are all great options.


Guest Count:

Confirm the number of guests in attendance and estimate about 2-3 items per person. We suggest having a variety of 5-7 desserts on the table, as well as a few candy options as well. Some of our favourites are cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cake pops, mini pies, decorative cookies and truffles, just to name a few!

The Candyman Can:

Find a candy shop and/or local pastry chef in your community to help supply all the goodies for your event. L&L Tip: Show your pastry chef a picture of what you want so there are no surprises on the big day!


Color Coding:

Allow your sweet table to be an extension of your event’s theme and/or palette. Rather than working against your particular color scheme, remain consistent throughout the event space in order to enhance the table’s palette. L&L Tip: If you stick to one pastry chef, have them use the same icing color throughout the desserts for a complete and cohesive look.

Create a Pre-Party Mock-Up:

Remember to choose jars, serving trays, stands and a table or tablecloth that reflect the theme of the party. By creating a mock-up you’ll know if you need to add additional candy or desserts, or if you’ve planned for too much. Remember to play with different levels by using serving pieces and stands to make your sweet table more visually interesting. Place low level items towards the front, and taller items such as stands and apothecary jars towards the back.



A Little Something Extra:

Trying adding garland, banners, backdrops or lanterns to enhance the décor. You can always print out theme-matching tags and flags to help your guests identify the dessert items. A little word to the wise as well, don’t forget the plates, baggies, candy scoops and tongs to allow your guests simplicity and ease when catering to that irresistible sweet tooth!


Designing a sweet table can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Let Lovely&Lavish help design, collaborate with pastry chefs and style these sweet gems on your big day. We go above and beyond, from concept to display, to create a jaw-dropping sweet table that reflects the style and personality of each of our clients.

Contact us to let us handle the planning, we are sure to give both you and your guests something sweet to talk about!

Until next time,

The Ladies of L&L


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