Sud-Ouest BBQ and the BEST Beef Ribs in Montreal…no joke.

So on account of a bit of a whirlwind winter, my food blogging came to a short hiatus. But rejoice! It is back. Now, not to harp on the fact that I live in St-Henri and that I love it, and that it is slowly becoming a culinary heaven, and that I am eating my way through the neighbourhood, well…wait I just harped. Scratch that. What I’m saying is that I know that the majority of restaurants I have reviewed tend to be located in the south-west, but how wonderful is it to have both the cheap and cheerful as well as the odd splurge just a few blocks away? So bear with me. I will bring you a few others in the weeks to come. I promise.

In the meantime, a namesake of the hood appeared a few short months ago on the corner of Greene and Notre-Dame and I promised one of the owners, the exuberant Frank (who you can’t miss yaking it up with clients and proudly heaping mounds of meat onto your plate), that I would write wonders about a place that is putting the rest of Montreal’s BBQ attempts to shame.

Sud Ouest BBQ interior

Previously a florist, Sud-Ouest BBQ transformed this bright corner spot.

On that note, BlackStrap has some redeeming qualities but is nothing to write home about and I’ll be avoiding Moonshine BBQ like a plague given that on my last visit I encountered a rude, pretentious cashier/owner, a limited lunch menu not advertised on their site, crap service and a filthy restaurant. But I digress. Let’s talk about something yummy instead just to get you in the mood for this stunning summer we are about to have (the power of positive thought people…join me will you?)

So amongst the most recent opening in the onslaught of new restaurants in St-Henri, Sud-Ouest BBQ has had me dreaming of their beef ribs since I took that first luscious meaty bite.

From the same owners of next door’s iconic neighbourhood diner, Greenspot, Sud-Ouest BBQ was a 2-yr in the planning project that came to fruition just a couple months ago. I’ve since poked my head in (aka – eaten BBQ’d heaven) a couple times and still have a few more menu items on my list to try. Don’t worry healthy people of the world – they have salad. You may want to cover it in pulled pork or bbq’d chicken, but that’s entirely up to you. You can also opt for a veggie chili or…no, that’s it – it’s BBQ for goodness sake!

Sud Ouest BBQ pulled pork sandwich

Pulled pork sandwich plate with all the fixins’

For those of you thinking you’d like to get a bit messy – they’ve got poutine but with a roasted potato base or baked potatoes topped with yumminess and a variety of possible condiments and sides. You want fries? Go next door…

Sud Ouest BBQ chicken

Chicken breast combo for under $12!

Sud-Ouest BBQ sauces

Beer and sauce = happy me

Every plate comes with a piece of corn on the cob, either baked or roasted potatoes, slaw or potato salad, a bun and sauces to your heart’s content – all original to Sud-Ouest BBQ.

I spent a good amount of time trying out different sauce combos – chicken with Memphis style, potatoes with Louisiana, Pork with the signature Sud-West sauce, beef with sud-west sauce…you get the point. The latter being my favourite by far – in any combination of meatiness or veg.

Prices are wicked good, which is such a relief in a neighbourhood where trendy has brought whopping food inflation, making most good spots inaccessible to your average wanderer. A combo half-rack of pork ribs and a half-rack of beef runs you a mere $19.95, a family of 4 can eat for $32-$37, sandwiches are $7-$9 and chicken combos between 410-$15. So bring your family and feast, or pop in late-night after a few pints…perhaps even top it off with just one more from their extensive beer collection (look for the bottle opener built in to the pillar across from the cash!).

Sud-Ouest BBQ ribs

Pork and beef rib combo = delight on a plate

Look, this isn’t rocket science. It’s good food, for a good price. I’m not raving about the chicken, but its a viable option if you’re not into the saucy rib thing. But the beef ribs, my friends…I have yet to encounter any equivalent, at least not in Montreal. But one co-diner was pulled pork all the way and another was way into the pork ribs, so to each their own…why don’t you have a try and get back to me.

Sud-Ouest BBQ
3401 rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, Quebec

Rotisserie Sud-west Bar-b-que on Urbanspoon

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