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Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I was away in Europe for a couple weeks! We had such an amazing time visiting places like Paris, Monte Carlo, Amalfi, and more!  I figured since it was a topic that came up a lot while I was away, I’d make this post about summer-proofing your makeup!

While I was away it was crazy hella hot – like 30+ and you never want your face dripping down onto your cute summer dress or nice white top so…

Here are my top five tips for making sure your makeup stays put on those hot summer days:

  1. Big rule of mine is always LESS IS MORE!

    The more foundation you pile onto your face the more stuff that’s gonna come dripping down when you start to sweat. In the summer I tend to not wear any foundation. I spot treat areas that I might want covered, say my under eye and any little blemishes that might have popped up. Once that’s done (and blended in with my damp beauty blender) I sweep some bronzer over my face in the spots that would naturally get hit by the sun. So you want to sweep it on your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, lightly on your forehead and I put just a little on my chin area. Don’t apply a lot of bronzer if you’re not too tan – you don’t want it to look streaky. Just a light dusting will do and help achieve that even skin tone look. If I’m going out I’ll add a little shimmer to the tops of my cheek bone for an added glow. I absolutely love my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle.

  2. For your eyes, always prepare them for hot summer days before applying makeup. Meaning, add some primer.

    This will help with creasing if your eyelids get a little warm! Also, now is a great time to try creamy eyeshadows. Think of powder when it gets wet – it’ll cake up on you. Take a dab of a cream eyeshadow with a brush or your ring finger and dab onto your eyelid. The shadow will stay put and the creamy texture won’t interact badly with heat and humidity. There are some great ones at the drugstore like L’Oreal’s Infallible cream-powder eyeshadows. My favourite is Amber Rush. This is a good tip for a lot of products – generally speaking in the summer you want to avoid powder based things like powder blushes, powder foundation, and so on. Mixed with the sweat and humidity they won’t last and/or they’ll cake up on you – which you don’t want. Go with a cream blush or a creamy concealer rather than powder.

  3. While I was away I had one look, basically, the entire trip.


    My go-to summer makeup look!

    I would spot treat those areas mentioned, sweep my bronzer, and apply my liquid liner. Liquid liner tends to stay put while pencil eyeliners can smudge easily – especially if your face is a little sweaty! Try Benefit’s They’re Real! Liquid eyeliner for a nice black line that will stay put the entire day!

  4. You want to switch to a waterproof mascara for days or nights you’ll be out in the heat!

    Curl your lashes first and apply a generous amount of your waterproof mascara. It won’t end up running down your face if you’re outside for a long period of time. To remove waterproof mascara, Neutrogena makes excellent makeup remover wipes that are gentle and take off everything.

  5. For your lips – I’d avoid, if possible, lip glosses!

    With heat they can get sticky or run down your pretty little face. Try some tinted lip balms in the summer, especially some with SPF! They’ll keep your puckers hydrated plus had a nice little bit of colour. If you’re heading to an outdoor wedding or an event and want more of a punch, try a lip stain. These are great because once applied they’ll stay put for a while. You won’t have to reapply and you won’t have to worry about sweating it away!

Hope this helps and go enjoy the rest of these hot days looking fabulous!!

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