You know how at the start of most cookbooks there’s a list of items you should have in your panty. They range from things like salt to paprika. The items you should have in order to make a range of dishes…. Yes!? Now, if I were to make a similar list of items one MUST have in their makeup arsenal, this would be it!

First and foremost – I want to say how honored I feel to be writing for Wise Women Montreal!!! I think it’s such an amazing resource and I feel so lucky to be on that list of contributors. Now, for you up to date followers – I recently wrote a little piece all about why art was good for children. It was received really well and the lovely ladies at Wise Women asked me to contribute on a more regular basis! Yippee!!! I could go on and on about art and all that (and I probably will post a couple things here and there about it) – or I could talk about another huge passion in my life – MAKEUP!