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I am a 38-year old woman, married with two beautiful daughters, and a house in the suburbs. I am certain that we share some common interests and hobbies. I might be your neighbour, best friend, acquaintance, relative, or a complete stranger. I am also a victim of domestic abuse.

I lost my best friend to a mental illness. He was charismatic, bright, kind, adventurous, funny, so  talented and loved by so so many. He suffered, he fought, and despite every effort and by no fault of his own, he didn't get the right support, combination of medical help and resources to help him win his battle.

In retrospect, of course, I should have seen it coming. I hadn’t been feeling well for months; my appetite and sleep on a steady decline. A persistent feeling of impending doom. Frequent outbursts of panic-fueled crying. The night of March 29th, lying in my bed, inconsolable, wanting to not be here anymore. Waking up the next morning feeling worse. I couldn’t bear to be on this planet for one more second feeling this way. Fantasizing about the narcotics in my night table drawer, left over from surgery. A Google search: how many would I need to just make it all stop?

A few days ago, I had an incredible opportunity to talk to a class of McGill University social work students about living with anxiety and depression. I’ve been upfront about my struggles here on the blog, but writing about it and standing up in front...