Whether you've been living in your home 20 years or just moved in, renovations can be a stressful yet exciting time. However, are all renovations created equal? The answer to that question my dear friends is a big fat NO.  It's a statistical real estate fact that certain renovations will get you more money at resale or for evaluation purposes then other home improvements. I can also attest to this fact and will show you some great and recent examples of how this is true time and time again.

In my 11 years of selling real estate, 2013 was the year where I witnessed the highest percentage of sellers that were selling for the purpose of leaving the province of Quebec.
quebec-elections-2014-april-7Clients of all ages, ethnicities, and classes were leaving. Professionals,  retirees, newlyweds, people from all walks of life were "fed up" and "getting out of here". Taxes, the cold, property values and politics were all a harsh reality, so the ROI was just not worth it anymore. According to the Montreal Gazette, a total of 28,439 people moved from the province of Quebec to another province from January to September 2013.  This was the highest number of departures since the year 2000.

f22c8ab57c82e8d2d04e84df9b08b912Looking for your perfect home is always a challenge, however finding one with special requirements that is specific to a particular need is another...
I’m starting to see a more popular buying trend with people not only looking for homes that are great family homes for their kids, but that also offer adequate backyards, running space and amenities that can also cater to our other beloved children… our doggies!
I joke around that I sniff out the best real estate deals in and around the Island of Montreal that is best suited for our four legged babies because of this new buying trend.

Guess what people?!  It's 2014 and contrary to all those “Chicken Little” predictions of last year, the market is still sizzling hot!!
Interest rates are still at an all-time low with banks practically giving away their money and posting rates as low as 2.9% fixed for 5 years.  Sales have gone up in most neighbourhoods and the prices of homes have gone up in many Montreal suburbs. Moreover, increase in supply of condos have softened that market and brought down prices, making it more affordable for buyers to get into the condo market.


The three repeated words that seem as obvious as the word itself, Location.
The official definition based on the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “a position or site occupied or available for occupancy or marked by some distinguishing feature”. Therefore, the position of the property, in relation to the area, that has distinguishing features to buyers is what makes the location so important. When one thinks of Beaconsfield South along the Lakeshore or Westpark area in DDO, we associate it with well to-do people or families because there location has prestige and sells well because they are in high demand for wealthy professionals.


For some, buying a home without a buyer’s agent seems like an easy enough thing... You get pre-approved at the bank, visit countless places until you fall upon the one you love and put in an offer.
But, did you know that since the new Real Estate Brokerage Act came into force on May 1, 2010, buyers are no longer represented in a real estate transaction when dealing directly with the listing broker.
This is one of the many reasons it is so important to have your own representation and work with a buyer’s broker when looking to purchase a property.

In this age of Do It Yourself home improvement and Do It Yourself decorating, the Do It Yourself home seller has found their niche.  “For Sale By Owner” signs populate the real estate landscape, earning their homeowners the nickname FSBO, (pronounced Fizbo).  Are you an aspiring Fizbo?  Before you take the plunge into DIY real estate you need to consider the pros and cons and ask yourself some important questions.

Real Estate Boutique - Patricia Karchemny - 37 Simone-de-Beauvoire, Notre Dame Ile Perrot (98 of 141) All my single ladies... All my single ladies!!! Really... who needs a relationship when you can buy your dream home on your own? I’ve met many buyers in my career and as a busy real estate broker; one of the thing I’ve always admired was the single ladies buying their dream homes on their own. I bought my first condo at 24 years old. It was my first foray into real estate. I got a two bedroom, one bath, 700 sq.ft. condo near the Plateau. It did have paper thin walls, but the location was amazing and the potential to renovate was better. It was steps from Sherbrooke Street and six blocks from the Main.  It was my first big investment and when I sold it a couple years later, I made enough money to start my real estate portfolio - but I digress...

You’ve decided to sell your house.

You take your collection of business cards and flyers from real estate agents, fan them out in front of you, close your eyes and pick one.  Right?  Maybe you’ll get lucky, but this is really isn’t the best way to choose the person to handle what is likely to be your single largest financial investment.