There are one bowl recipes and then there's really cheating. This is a SUPER cheat recipe because it's ridiculously easy to make and amazingly delicious. Think of the possibilities for this dish: appetizer, cocktail party food, meatless Monday main course with some other sides, light lunch...the possibilities are endless. The mixture of these fresh ingredients will satisfy your tastebuds, your busy schedule and will feel good for your overall health. This recipe serves 4 as a main dish. There are also mini portobello mushrooms available in most grocery stores which would be great as cocktail treats.

Ingredients for Salad

I love salads. I love that salads are no longer simply lettuce, tomato and shredded carrots with a choice of 3 dressings. Salads are now practically a meal group of their own. The best are the salads that are easy to make and delicious in taste. The following recipe is super kid-friendly for them to make and eat. My daughter practically made it herself and gave it her 2 thumbs up rating for taste. Also, I highly recommend this salad for any pot luck or Holiday gathering you might have where you’d like to bring something that everyone takes seconds but is not labor intensive and is really affordable to make. This recipe is from the Liquor Commission Board of Ontario (LCBO)'s most fabulous publication: Food & Drink, Summer 2009 edition. Enjoy!