Ingredients for Easy Pasta Dinner

This pasta dinner is an easy winner.
Is it the bacon? Probably - because really, all things are truly better with bacon. But if real bacon isn't your thing - this recipe is worth the try with either chicken or turkey bacon. Friends, it's time to really put away the BBQ for the season (there is a BBQ season and this isn't it!) and come back into the kitchen for the kind of meal that you can make in 15 minutes, slice a beautiful baguette, pour a rich red wine and share around a table with family or friends. This recipe has been adapted from Bon Apetit's September 2004 magazine.  Enjoy!

Chicken Pot Pie in 2 Easy Steps

I have 2 weaknesses when it comes to the kitchen. The first are recipes that are "one bowl" or "2 steps" - but worse than that are recipes that are from name brands. At first I was a skeptic -that was until I tried my first. Now, I'm always ready to try recipes from the brands that make them. It kind of makes sense that they would know best, right? I would recommend starting with Kraft. The selection of recipes and amount of information on their website is incredible. Each recipe has it all: photos, prep time, total servings and best of all, nutritional info per serving. Check it out at:

Soup can be a great starter for a meal or the meal itself. This minestrone soup recipe can do both – really! If you have never made soup before, fear not young soup Jedi! Soup making easy it is.

This soup is done in 3 steps (no gimmick!). The trick to good soup is to substitute to your own tastes. If kale makes you gag, then leave it out. If you want to sneak in a vegetable that your family is refusing to eat... soup is a great place to drop it in. This recipe has been adapted from the Liquor Commission Board of Ontario (LCBO)'s Food & Drink magazine (Autumn 2008).