TEMPTATION…In a world that doesn’t stop EATING

 I recently went to NYC with my son and my best friend for what I thought was going to be the easiest place to keep the feet moving and the mouth resting!  Not to my surprise, the “TEMPTATIONS” of this  fascinating city hit me at every angle and every corner!  Walking, talking, looking and shopping, there were food temptations beyond belief. From street vendors, to the famous Eataly across from  the unique Flat Iron building, to Soho’s Jack’s Wife Frieda, to the best Ribs at Daisy May BBQ on West 46th, and finally the outdoor Brooklyn Food Fair, an absolute foodies haven.  After 24 hours I  asked myself…why is this happening to me?

The answer was simple.

No matter where we are, even within our own 4 walls,  “Hedonic Hunger”, or the desire to eat purely for taste and pleasure, is our continuous struggle to control ourselves in a world that doesn’t stop eating…especially while in NYC!

A self-control dilemma is an internal conflict between a high long-term goal of being healthy and a short term temptation of satiety. We  have choices don’t we? Don’t eat the things we like…well that’s never going to happen!

So my suggestions, not just for NYC temptations…but for everyday struggles:
  1. Do not negate yourself  from the pleasures of eating something you like.   Ask yourself, am I hungry or am I feeding a void right now?  No matter what the answer and this is not therapy, eat it and enjoy it  guilt  free.  Your only job…look at the choices you make and volume you eat!.
  2. Remember, it is not the temptation that is the issue at hand, it is the LACK of your AWARENESS!
  3. Remind yourself that there are good calories and not such good calories and you know the difference!
  4.  Whether in NYC, Montreal or Italy, do like the New Yorkers do… grab those sneakers and get moving!


Did you ever ask yourself why the sneaker industry is so big?  You thought it was about the exercise didn’t you? Well you’re partially right…but it’s more about getting a feeling through color  and style and that’s what prompts you to buy them. Just like the food we love, we  know from the get go if what we choose is the healthy choice.

 Nutrition comes in many forms, from food, water, exercise, even clothing!


Feel Better, Eat Hummus, Live Healthier

Feel Better, Eat Hummus, Live Healthier



  • Caroline Kothari
    Posted at 10:54h, 25 November Reply

    Wonderful blog, Nanc. Temptations are all over, we just have to make the choice if its really worth it in the long term.

    • Caroline
      Posted at 17:01h, 26 November Reply

      Thanks for your comment…and your blog on learning without being perfect was great!

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