Ten Year Old Style

Say hi to Sky, my ten year old daughter.

Hi, Sky!

Hi, Sky!

That expression sums up her personality pretty succinctly. She’s a total goof, absolutely hilarious, and not even a teeny bit girly. It is generally a fight to get her into a dress, and don’t even think about anything pink. Unlike her older sister, who had developed her own sense of style by the age of two, Sky still asks me to “take out her clothes” because she hasn’t quite figured out how to put an outfit together. The last time I left her to her own devices, she was wearing three different shades of blue and quite proud that she “matched”. She also wears Crocs with socks.

That’s why I was shocked and thrilled when she emerged from her room last week looking like this.


The kid has obviously taken a few fashion cues from her mom. Distressed skinny jeans, grey graphic tee, Converse. She did this all by herself.

Sort of. I obviously still buy her clothes. Since she doesn’t care a whole lot about what she puts on her body, I have a lot of influence over what she wears. And, I do like that I can dress her a bit like me.

We’ll see how this goofball’s personal style develops over the years. In the meantime, I’ll appreciate the small style victories, like when once in a while, she hits the nail on the head. Or when she wears her Crocs barefoot.

Personalized Converse

Personalized Converse

Outfit details:




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