Who has time?

If I were to offer you a free one-hour spa treatment of your choice everyday for a week, would you accept it? Could you find the time?  If not everyday, surely you could do it every other day? Would you be able to find one hour a day for a massage, a mani/pedi, or a facial?

I think the majority of women would quickly answer “YES!” to this question without even consulting their calendars. Even if they were busy, they would find an hour here or there for this great opportunity to enjoy an hour of “me” time.  Now if I was to ask those women if they exercise an hour a day, and if not, why, one of the most common excuses would be that they don’t have the time. Very few people have an abundance of free time these days. Which is why you need to make the time. You need to look at your workouts as “you” time.  You need to look at exercise in a different way.  You need to remind yourself that you deserve an hour of “you” time to improve your overall health and fitness. Do you not?


Does your calendar look anything like mine?

Does your calendar look anything like mine?

It isn’t easy… like really, I know! I also struggle to find the time. You have to want to work out and you have to plan for it. I get that you have a demanding life and schedule and the thought of trying to fit in one more thing is mind boggling— welcome to the lives of most women in our society.  Everyone is busy, and people much busier than you are exercising right now. They are able to do so because they have chosen to prioritize their health and make time for it.  Of course it’s not always convenient or easy. Waking up at 5:00 am to sweat your buns off is not everyone’s idea of a great start to the day.  For others, the thought of lacing up their sneakers after an eight-hour work day is out of the question.  You have to find what works best for you, what you are most likely to stick to, and be realistic.  Some days you may not be able to complete an hour of physical activity, 30 minutes will have to suffice. Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan and it just won’t happen at all.  Try and make those days the exception.  Be creative, find ways to make it work, you don’t need to be in a gym or a class to get a great workout.  I’ve done walking lunges, sprints, and wall push-ups around the arena while my kids were on the ice for practice. Sure I got a few stares, but in the end I fit in my “me” time and felt better for it.

Sometimes I feel like this :)

Sometimes I feel like this 🙂


Yes, getting a facial or my hair done would be much easier to do on a daily basis. But as of yet, there is still NO MAGIC PILL to keep you fit and healthy, and there are no short cuts, although some offers claim otherwise. This is not something that someone can do for you.  You need to want to do it for yourself. Go for it, find the time, and make the time. YOU DESERVE IT!

So find that time and next blog I’ll help you with some training tips.

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