Tips for perfect make-up application: Part 2

Here’s part two in our series of tips to perfect your make-up application! Here’s part one, in case you missed it.


  • Applying make-up while standing in front of the mirror, rather than sitting down, gives you better perception of over-all image and greater flexibility in application flickr-2450906227-medium
  • To create a “seductive” eye, line the lower inside rims with a dark eyeliner as the final touch. This gives a warm “smoldering” look. Eyes don’t have to be made “big” to grab attention. Remember, sexy eyes are semi-closed.
  • When shopping for eye shadows or blushes, look for silky, powdery textures that transfer easily from your fingertip onto your skin. A silky texture means easy application.
  • For lipstick that lasts, begin with a lipliner, then apply lipstick, going over the mouth two or three times. Most important, preserve your lipstick by being careful when eating or drinking. For example, when drinking, rest the glass against the inside of your lower lip.
  • Wear make-up that suits you, not necessarily what’s in fashion. Be true to your own image. you don’t have to follow trends or match colours to your wardrobe. Instead, wear what makes you feel good and reflects your personality!

Do you have any make-up tips or tricks you’ve perfected over the years? Tell us about them!


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