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I remember as a teenager going to a “jazzercise” class with my aunt, struggling to follow along in my Flashdance attire, doing my best grapevine to Lionel Ritchie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling”.  Ok so I’ve just dated myself with several key words in that statement. 

Group fitness then was either step class or basically aerobics.

Today, the range and variety of group fitness classes are endless. Zumba, yoga, kickboxing, cycling, pilates, interval training, tai chi, trx, aquafit, body sculpt, even pole dancing – just to name a few. There really is something for everybody.  If you try a class and don’t like it, try something else. With so much selection, you are bound to find a class that you enjoy.   Even if you aren’t, and don’t want to be, a member of a gym, you can find group classes at most community centers.  Often fitness instructors rent space in a church hall or school gym. They offer drop-in pay as you go classes,  so there’s no long term commitment on your part and they’re not usually too expensive.

Following along in a body design class

Following along in a body design class

Classes are great for people who feel a little lost and unsure of their workout routines.

They can enjoy the non-thought process of a structured class.  Show up, do what they tell you, follow along, sweat and leave 🙂   Some classes are geared for beginners, some for more advanced while other classes can have a range of levels in one class while the instructor can modify each exercise to suit your level.  Scheduled classes are great for people who like to stick to a routine.  You can plan that every Tuesday and Thursday is spinning and say Monday and Wednesday body sculpting.

Try all different classes, you may be surprised by what you like.

Try all different classes, you may be surprised by what you like.

Working out in a group fitness setting is fun and takes your mind off of the work.   If you are anything like me, in the classes that require a lot of coordination, I spend most of the hour with a big smile on my face because I’m laughing at my two left feet in the mirror.

Most classes also have energetic music to keep you pumped up and get you going.  Although I have yet to try a Zumba class, I’ve heard it described by friends who’ve attended that it feels like you are at a party for an hour. Who doesn’t like a party??

When working out solo in the gym, sometimes our motivation and enthusiasm level may be a little sluggish.

Step into most group classes and the pace and energy just brings you up.  Whether you are taking a class with a friend or amongst a group of strangers, you should feel motivated and maybe a little push to keep up.   A great instructor will set the tone for the class, they will keep it up beat and have you pushing your limits.

If you have your gym routine and you love it, then great but if you want to mix it up a bit or are looking for something new then go on and give it a try.

<h6>Do you have a favourite group fitness class?</h6>


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