Valentine’s Day/Date Night Makeup

Hello Beauties,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’ve got plans or not – here are some quick ideas for

the day or any date night, really!

There are a ton of great tutorials online all about romantic, beautiful, soft Valentine Day looks – my personal favorite is Jaclyn Hill’s latest Valentine Look. It’s, in my opinion, perfect! It’s the right amount of POW without too much going on. You can check out that tutorial here.

Jaclyn Hill's tutorial

Jaclyn Hill’s tutorial


Great dramatic look without being too dark!

I think makeup for date nights should be a good combination of flirty and sexy without being too over done. I would skip the heavy, dark black smokey eye looks for another type of event. Don’t get me wrong – you can go dark – but maybe instead of black or grey, try some softer purples and pinks instead.

Don’t forget your blush (to give you a nice flush look) and some extra mascara! I’ve recently bought “It’s Better Than Sex” mascara by Too Faced from Sephora and I gotta say – this is one heck of a mascara. Do I use it everyday, no! But when you want that extra va-va-voom to your lashes – this is a GREAT mascara. It’s thick and crazy black and really makes your lashes more full and really long.


Another tip for date night and my golden rule for any makeup look I do – is BE YOURSELF! If you’re not a heavy makeup wearing kinda gal – don’t doll yourself up for a date… go as you and the other person will get to see you as you! You can put on a couple extra swipes of mascara or a tad bit more lip gloss but don’t completely change your daily makeup routine for a date – especially not the first one!

IAmazing-Results-of-Highlighting-Contouring-Makeup think once you’ve been with someone for a while, then it’s fun to really go all out for a special anniversary or event. Surprise your significant other with a dramatic look after he or she has gotten to see the real you. Too many women try to completely change who they are and I think it’s too bad. Some of the before and afters on social media are MIND-BLOWING! It’s amazing what a little bit of blush and a whole heck of a lot of contouring can do to a face! To me, it’s almost like tricking your significant other or false-advertising! Right?! I recently heard on the radio that some women wait an entire YEAR before letting their significant other see them without makeup. FOR REALS?!? I mean, c’mon!

Really, date night makeup should be about feeling a little bit sexier and little more flirtatious while still being your beautiful self – so throw on some big lashes or a nice flirty pink lip gloss and have a good time!!

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