Everything old is new again: vintage inspired hair

I couldn’t be any happier to see this style coming back, for both men and women.

This look is modern meets vintage with a bit of a flair.

These classic looks are delicate, polished and timeless- be it clothes or hair they seem to tell of a time when life was pretty and simple. Such glamour and femininity are at the core of each style. Rolls and curls, pins and scarves- all with impeccable neatness. And a little bit flirty!

Is your man thinking of a change?

Here are some looks that are refined yet make a statement when he walks into the room. Take it from Leonardo Dicaprio, Shia Labeouf, David Beckham or Justin Timberlake who rock these styles all very differently.

Here are a few photos of the cuts for men:


Here are some looks that celebrities are sporting. All these hairstyles can be very sexy and classy at the same time.


So why not try a vintage inspired do- with a pretty dress and a splash of red lip stick of course!

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