We only see from the outside

An incredibly talented and successful designer who was a household name. A gifted story teller, chef and tv personality. This week the world lost two remarkable human beings who made an indelible mark on the world. Looking from the outside, it was hard to see anything but success, accomplishment, and talent.

And that’s the point. We only see from the outside.

We had no idea of their inner struggle and the devastating pain they were in. So many people still say they don’t “get” mental illness because they don’t “see” it. We have no idea what goes on behind someone’s closed doors, what their struggle feels like or the depth of their sadness. We need to just stop assuming that because everything looks great on the outside, that the inside is great too – and that money, success, power, beauty and talent are guarantees of good mental health.

RIP Kate and Anthony. The world will miss you.

Lisa Brookman, MSW, PSW

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