What our twins have brought to our family

Twins have a connection. I am witnessing it every day. Yet, looking back on these past few months I am realizing that their bond started before they were even born.

When I was 26 weeks pregnant, I went for a routine ultrasound and was told that twin A had very little amniotic fluid and she was not growing. They were unsure if she would survive that week.

That twin A is Charlotte Emma.

We call her Charley. That twin A, who almost did not survive, now takes so long to drink her bottle because she smiles and laughs at anyone who makes eye contact with her. Born at 3lbs and 12 ounces, Charley is strong and sweet and so playful.

Her sister, twin B, helped her from that very day we were given the scary news. Chloe Paige, born at 5lbs 1 ounce helped us make the decision to not take Charley out early as it would have compromised both their developments. So we left Charley in and prayed that she would start to grow and her fluid would replenish while hoping that Chloe didn’t get too much fluid from the interventions that we were doing.


I went for ultrasounds twice per week and each time the technician would tell us that Chloe is behaving perfectly in order to let us focus on her sister.

Each Friday we would celebrate because it meant we made it through one more week in the pregnancy. Every week in me was one less week in the NICU.

The goal was to make it to 28 weeks, then 32, then 34 and then they were safe to come out any time after that. From weeks 26 to 34 Charley grew and Chloe continued to do well. By week 34, it was as if Charley knew that Chloe was now safe to come out and she started to show signs that she was ready to be delivered. We managed to keep them in until week 35 and then we were blessed with the easiest and most beautiful natural labor.

Chloe spent 1 week in the NICU and Charley spent 3 weeks. Leaving Charley there while Chloe came home was so hard and I couldn’t wait for them to be together again. The moment we brought Charley home we put her next to Chloe who was crying and she immediately stopped. We all had tears in our eyes. The magical bond of twins and sisters was clearly evident.

The girls continue top be comforted by each other. There have been countless times where I have found them holding hands in their bassinette or on their play mat. They snuggle into each other and laugh when they make eye contact. It is truly an incredible miracle.


Every day I am amazed that I am the mother of 5 children. How did this happen?!!! There are so many different relationships unfolding at the same time between all of my kids. Our family has 3 boys, and 2 girls. How incredible!

These babies have brought so much to our home. People come and visit them and help with a feed and want to know when they can come back again.

There is something so peaceful about the babies and watching them together. A very good friend of mine came over to help feed the babies and left saying, Thank-you, I really needed that.”

Our family is so complete. The boys are so gentle with the babies and somehow manage to get into such a calm state when they are holding them. I use it as a technique when they get too wild. I tell them I need them to hold a baby and they sit down on the couch with their arms open and I smile at the few minutes of tranquility!

The challenges of raising 5 kids will present themselves at different times in different ways. My goal is to approach these challenging days with reminders that life could have taken on a new meaning had the girls not worked so well together to make it to almost full term. I will remind myself everyday that we are so lucky and thankful for their health, their developments, the milestones they are meeting on time, and their bond with each other. And of course our baby nurse so we can sleep!

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