What’s age got to do with it? Everything!

unnamed-6I didn’t ever really care about age… I always looked young, felt young and was often told that I looked like my daughters’ sisters! All that changed when I received a birthday card with a giant 65 on it and I thought -that can’t be for me!!!!! But alas, I am aging just like everyone else! I’m not complaining, really, I know exactly how fortunate I am to be healthy and actively involved in life. ..  I never forget it. It’s just that it hit me- big time – I’m finally realizing that things are rapidly moving in that other direction.

So I had better take full advantage of my good health and fulfill some dreams!

My passion has always been to travel, specifically to Italy. I have been fortunate to visit twice, but I have really always wanted to go to Tuscany.  So after clearing it with S., and ascertaining that he had no interest in the trip, I started my search.

I wanted to go on a trip that wasn’t only for couples, so I would feel comfortable alone, unnamed-4and started Googling ‘Tuscany and Cooking’, looking for something that would incorporate both cooking (which I love) and sightseeing. I found a great site, Tuscan Women Cook,  checked it out fully, and made the decision. Then I started dreaming…. and losing sleep, I might add! I researched the train schedule obsessively, from Rome to Tuscany, checked on hotels in Rome (for one night after the cooking week) and bought a few books- ” How to Speak Italian in 20 Words or Less” and “100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go”!  I unearthed my “Beginners Guide to Italian” from a course I’d taken years ago….and after a sleepless few nights of worrying about the minutiae of traveling alone, I decided to stop that process, and just go with the flow.

A word about traveling alone. I’ve had lots of experience in the last 27 years learning to be an independent woman, after my divorce. There are many things I would never have done before, had I been a secure, married lady.

But with every difficult challenge, you grow and learn and suddenly you don’t think twice about traveling alone to Italy!

Honestly, I thought it was normal for me to fly alone to a foreign country, where I was sure most of my questions would be answered in English (or sign language!) and I would find my way by train to Tuscany, where I would be surrounded by 12 other recipe-seeking, adventurous women!

unnamed-7So now I am sitting on the train taking me to Montefellonico, where I know I will have the trip of a lifetime. Would it have been more fun to share this experience with a close friend? Definitely, but when that doesn’t work out, there is so much to be gained by taking yourself away…

-Roz Wiener

Roz Wiener has been a teacher, fundraiser and event planner who retired 9 years ago and now spends a lot of her time volunteering in the community for the Cummings Centre, Eldercare/Maimonides and ICRF, as well as babysitting and spending time with her four granddaughters. She is devoted to yoga, loves to cook and “plays at” golf and bridge.

  • Elly
    Posted at 22:07h, 31 October Reply

    bravo my very good friend!I am so proud of all that you’ve accomplished over the last 25 years!
    Onward and upward that’s what I say!xoxo

  • Roz
    Posted at 00:06h, 01 November Reply

    Thank you, Elaine! We’ll do one of those together, I hope!!!

  • Jeffy
    Posted at 02:59h, 01 November Reply


  • Cheryl
    Posted at 08:41h, 02 November Reply

    Love my “Old Auntie Roz”…so proud of you! Like your mother before you, a mentor and a pioneer!!! Love you❤️!

  • phyllis
    Posted at 16:41h, 02 November Reply

    i know you will have a fabulous time…as i have experienced same 🙂 quite an amazing feeling!
    enjoy your time in italy! ciao !phyllis

  • Roz
    Posted at 17:00h, 02 November Reply

    Cheryl, what a beautiful thing to say! I don’t think my mother would have approved…or she would have insisted on coming with me!!

  • Arlene Chinks
    Posted at 21:14h, 06 November Reply

    i would have gone with you in a heartbeat! I’m 65 next week, love to cook, studied Italian and was most certainly Italian in a past life!!! Happy Birthday to a beautiful and Special Woman

  • Roz
    Posted at 08:57h, 08 November Reply

    Well then, Happy Birthday to you and I hope you’ll have the chance to do something like this too! A friend once told me that she buys herself something for every birthday, just so she gets something she wants…… I started doing that a few years ago and then decided to REALLY do it this year. It’s the best advice I’ve been given. That and….’take one day at a time.’
    Enjoy your birthday and have a wonderful, healthy year!

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