Why I Love to Hate Instagram

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As we round the corner into another season I am hesitant to put away my white skinnies and favorite rompers. I lovingly wear each of my favorite summer pieces one last time and start to move the merchandise around for what’s to come. The lure, however, of Fall’s rich color tones and awesome looking boots is hard to ignore. Northern living.Being a retailer, I am fortunate enough to have a forecast of what is to come as most of my Fall collection is chosen in January and when the deliveries start to arrive in August, it all comes back to me and I can put all the pieces together. I wonder though, how my carefully chosen “curated” if you will, collection is matching up to what some of the fashion bloggers on Instagram have to say. Plaid- check. Fringe- check. Crop tops-hmmmm…Gouchos- wait a second. A crop top and gouchos for fall? Oh wait, all of these bloggers live in California. Ok I see, so this doesn’t apply to me. On so many levels.

I have been serving women for the past ten years. Real women. I have helped them choose gorgeous lipsticks, fabulous accessories and wearable, fashionable outfits. And I love it. As I am about to enter the next chapter of my retail career, I can’t help but cringe at how the retail landscape has changed.

Ten years ago, people walked into a store with excitement and wonder to see what the latest collections would hold. Now, there is Instagram.


Rails LA shirt

In order to keep up, I have to lay five great items out in a perfect square on the whitest background to snap an awesome pic. I also have to post items with the appropriate link to my website, capture a top in a great selfie (worst selfie taker ever, right here) and come up with a unique inspirational quote. I’m exhausted and I haven’t even seen you in person yet. The girls I follow on Instagram have endless amounts of designer clothing, handbags and shoes and seemingly have a photographer following them around to capture their beautiful selves in a field of pretty flowers, in motion. This sounds so realistic.

So forget the crop top because we both know we aren’t going near that one. Instead, make this season about you.

Find something fabulous that works with your body and your style. Layer a few “trends” on top.

Here are some tips to stay “on fleek” this season.

1) Invest in the right bottoms. Find your denim. Not into the flares of the moment? Stick to your skinnies or even a straight leg. Not into jeans at all? Try a slimming pant and thankfully, leggings are still around. Skirts are also a key piece. You can’t go wrong if it fits you properly.

2) Plaid is rad. Every fall we see the plaids come out to play but this one stuck around through summer and trust me, isn’t going away so fast (think Spring’16!). Plaid can be an easy layer piece and you can wear it boyfriend style to cover up or as an amazing statement like a pencil skirt. Plaid is not your ’90s grunge anymore!

3)Fringe benefits. I can tell you for a fact, again, this one is sticking so don’t be shy to invest in a bag, a vest or even a scarf. Fringe can be fun, rocker chic and sexy. You’ve got this.


Fringe vest by Blush & Vyne

4) Dusters. Yes I had one 15 year ago too. Long sweaters are a great way to transition to Fall and they look good over any bottom.

5) Accessorize. Always. I’m a huge fan and it will make any simple outfit come alive. A little shy? Try some delicate layering pieces otherwise, dive right in. Statement necks and bracelets are still a go. Blanket scarves will take you through the next six months so pick up one of those as well!

6) Keep your makeup neutral. Try some matte shadows and a darker nude lipstick and invest in a good eyebrow pencil. Brows are king this season.

I could go on but for now, I maintain, that the best way to put together an appropriate, seasonal look is in person and with great service. Nothing beats a personal touch. Not even 1000 likes.

So as you read this blog, think of me this morning. I have my coffee, the kids are fed and I am checking my Instagram feed.

Love to Hate it.

-Sidra Naygeboren

Sidra is the previous owner of Rhoda’s Boutique and is launching her newest venture, Blush & Vyne Boutique and www.blushandvyne.com. Inspired by real women and their day to day lifestyle, Sidra has created a unique shopping experience where women can get one on one, personalized service and find beautiful items that work for Real Women.

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