The winter coat round-up

This time of year is rough. It’s getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and there’s an endless, frigid winter right around the corner.

Also, we’re at the tail end of leather jacket and cute ankle boot season, which makes me sad because it’s my favorite time of the year.


In anticipation of the sub-zero temps awaiting us, a few people have asked me for winter coat suggestions. For me, that’s a loaded question.

From November until March (if we’re lucky), no one really sees what we’re wearing because we are almost constantly enveloped in layers of wool and down.

So, when you stop to think about it, our winter coats may be our most important wardrobe items.

We wear them on an almost daily basis for practically 6 straight months. That coat is also the first thing people see all winter long.

The criteria: it has to be cute, and it absolutely needs to be warm. Those two qualifications don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

In an ideal world, a closet full of winter coats would be great. You’d have one for work, one for walking the dog and another for weekends. But that’s not reality for most of us.

So if you’re in the market for ONE new coat this winter, do this: Choose a 3/4 length down coat.

It will work with pants or skirts, can easily go from day to night and will definitely keep you warm.

And while I’m all for saving money, investing in a great coat will pay off in the long run. You’ll have it for years to come, and if you calculate the cost per wear ratio (total cost of the item/the number of times you’ll wear it) you’ll find it will have been well worth the splurge.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Canada Goose Kensington coat


It’s toasty warm, down filled but not bulky, has a removable fur-trimmed hood and back vents. I love that it comes in this awesome metallic silver, which is a nice change from black but still neutral enough to go with everything. Available in sizes XXS-XL.

2. Moose Knuckles Stirling Parka


The fox fur trimmed hood and pom poms add a fun, stylish touch to this down-filled, water repellant coat.  Down coats can often add bulk, but this one is quite fitted to the body which makes for a flattering silhouette. It’s also available in a bunch of colours, including this amazing red. Sizes XS-XL.

3. The North Face Metropolis Parka



Even Angelina Jolie has a Metropolis parka!

The North Face has long been known for its technical fabrics and impressive warmth-to-weight ratio (meaning, it’s super warm and super light-weight). Price wise, it’s a winner and, if you prefer your winter coat to be fur-free, this one’s for you. Available in sizes XS-XXL.

4. Zara Puffer Jacket with Wrap-Around Collar



While Zara can’t compete quality-wise with the above-mentioned companies, I have friends who swear by their Zara down coats. I like this one for it’s classic simplicity. The belt is a nice touch, and that huge collar will come in handy when it’s -25 and you want to cry.


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