This is how to make yourself a priority

In the five years since we’ve launched Wise Women Canada, we’ve learned so much. The experiences we’ve had, including television appearances, public speaking opportunities, our own radio show and a column in a national magazine (among countless others), have been nothing short of amazing. With each new experience we’ve taken steps outside of our comfort zone, challenging us to grow and open our minds to possibilities we didn’t know existed.

But what we’ve been most impacted by is what we’ve learned from you.

Whether you’ve shared a piece of yourself with us in an email, in line at Starbucks, on Facebook or at one of our workshops, we can tell you in no uncertain terms that you’ve changed us. We’ve learned that none of us are alone and that we are surrounded by an incredible Wise Women sisterhood of empathy and support.

This is never more evident than at our workshops. Last year, we had the amazing opportunity to lead 3 groups at 3 sold out events. We dove deep, exploring the beliefs that hold us back, sharing the stories that prevent us from moving forward, and establishing pathways to evolution, change and moving forward.

There were tears, but also so much laughter, and we can say without a doubt that it was life-changing, both for our participants and us as well.

And we’re so excited to be doing it again, on October 26th, in a brand new workshop that’s open to everyone, whether you’re a Wise Women Workshop graduate or a newbie. This time we’ll be exploring some ideas very close to both of our hearts (and things we’re working hard on ourselves), including forgiveness, self-compassion and self-care. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned but also to learn from you.

So open your mind to new possibilities, step outside of your comfort zone and make yourself a priority. Get your tickets here, and don’t delay. We’re keeping it intimate at 40 spots and they sell out quickly!

Looking forward to spending the day with you!

Lisa & Liz









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