Don’t Ask Me Why I’m Single

I am all about celebrating holidays, in fact, it’s one of my favourite things to do. For crying out loud, I bought Chinese New Year decorations for my classroom!

However, I do not like Valentine’s Day.

I want to make all my students feel welcome, and who doesn't like celebrating extra holidays?

I want to make all my students feel welcome, and who doesn’t like celebrating extra holidays?

I have my reasons as to why I do not like it but it yes, it mainly does stem from being single.

I’ll tell you this, and I have mentioned it in a previous blog, if you do not want to piss off a single girl (or even a single guy for that matter)


Let me explain.

Sums it up!

Sums it up!

I was getting my eyebrows done a few weeks ago and as I was sitting in the chair, the esthetician’s assistant asked me if I was seeing anyone.

I replied “Nope”

Plain and simple.

She cocked her head to the side, gave me the EVER so endearing sad puppy eyes and asked, “But WHYYYYY???”
Before I could tell her in a few choice words to mind her own business, she continued to offer me some unsolicited advice as to why I was STILL single.

She said, “Well, I know why you are single. You’re just like me”. Side note – she’s not single…and

I am nothing like she is

She continued, “I know what it is, guys are INTIMIDATED by you!”
My look of sheer surprise and disagreement certainly did not give her the hint to STFU!


So she continued. She went on to say that I can walk into a room, strike up a conversation with anyone and feel very comfortable.

It's just so much more fun! #GoCanadaGo

It’s just so much more fun! #GoCanadaGo

Isn’t that a good thing?

She then tells me to try and play up a different quality. She actually told me to try and be less outwardly intelligent. That’s what is intimidating. MY INTELLIGENCE! (The irony, I misspelled the word intelligence just now and needed spellcheck to help me out!) She literally was telling me to dumb myself down!


Here is what I have to say about it.

1. Being able to talk to people – I do not call that intimidating – I call that friendly.
2. I don’t even know your name lady, so next time you feel like offering unsolicited advice, maybe know a little more about me than the fact that I bought a scarf 6 weeks ago from the boutique in which you work.
3. STFU (please see above definition if you have forgotten what it means!)

I do not like being asked why.  If I knew why, don’t you think I would change something about myself? And by changing something about myself, I do not mean my level of intelligence. So, to make myself feel better, at work February 13th (we did not have school on V-day) I bought two random students a lollipop to spread the love! I also chilled and watched a ton of Olympics, so all in all, not so bad!

At the end of the day, I try to remind myself, love is love.all_you_need_is_love___beatles_1_of_5_by_darkeclectic-d5ivf2a

Love doesn’t need to be with a guy at the moment, if I can share the love,  The Beatles said it’s all you need!

Happy belated V-Day and as always, keep fit and have fun!

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  • Tee Jay
    Posted at 21:19h, 20 February Reply

    Miss Shiller such a cute article!! Love it! 🙂

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