Holiday Makeup

Tis the season of snow…so much snow… good tidings and cheer! Holidays parties are happening right, left, and center and to make sure you’re looking your best- here are some Holiday Party ideas and tips for you.


Beautiful statement lip with simple eye

If you want to go with a statement lip – I’d suggest going easy on the eyes. Sweep a nude with a bit of sparkle across the entire lid and finish with a nice bold eyeliner. Place on some false lashes and your eyes are done. In the winter we all tend to lose a lot of moisture from our skin – try using a foundation that’ll give you a bit of a glow or sweep a highlighter across the tops of your cheekbones. Once your eyes and foundation are done – pick the colour for those puckers! A big colour right now is that deep cranberry purple! Ooh what a colour! You could, of course, go red also.



More great ideas can be found on Pinterest

For a statement eye – you can’t go wrong with glitter! It’s the season to sparkle beauties! When applying glitter, start with a base coat first. Something similar in tones…for example, if you want to use a gold glitter, start off with a nice rich brown base. This will make the glitter really pop and give your eyes a nice finish. When doing makeup with glitter – ALWAYS do your eyes first! Trust me, glitter will get EVERYWHERE! Apply a couple dabs of your loose glitter and then lightly brush the fallen glitter off your nose, cheeks, neck…oh yeah, it’ll be all over. Once this is done, do your foundation as usual. For the lips, you can go with the classic Holiday combo of gold lids and red lips or switch it up and go with a nude natural lip.

Some quick tips for keeping your makeup looking great all night:

  • Keep a liner in your purse as well as lash glue if you’re rocking your falsies that night. That way if your lashes start to come off, you’re not panicking. Dab a tiny amount on your finger and apply to the part of the lash that has come loose. Hold the lashes firmly against your lash line for a couple seconds.
  • Keep your lipstick in your purse and re-apply when needed. I usually recommend covering your entire lip with your lip liner and then applying your lipstick.

Stay warm, stay happy, and have fun at your Holiday Parties!!

For a ton of great Holiday makeup looks – make sure to check out Pinterest! They’ve got so many awesome, helpful, and great ideas up there!! You can follow my board “Holiday/Office/Party Makeup” at makeupjh


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