Short and Trendy hairstyles

Everyone loves and talks about long hair. We never seem to think short hair can be fun or sexy. In reality, short hair can be so much more trendy.

I have taken some photos that the hairdressers at Coiffure ColorTown have done. Here at the salon, we have stepped into 2014 with some great modern cuts.

This first collage contains cuts we have done here in the salon. The following collage features trending cuts in Hollywood.



As you can see, short hair can do wonders for woman. Once you have found the cut you like and we make sure it suits your face, then it’s our job to find the perfect color to go with it and show off your new style!

It’s all about trying to build up the courage to go short.

Once you cut your hair you will feel amazing and that’s where it begins. From that point on, you will be more willing to change it up and Voilà – you have now entered the trendy world of short hair!

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