And POOF! He’s gone.


As the owner of a dating events company, I am constantly immersed in the day to day trials and tribulations of anything and everything related to dating. Recently, a girlfriend of mine attended one of my speed dating events and wound up meeting a guy whom I felt would be a great match for her. You could imagine my delight when they hit it off so well that their first date followed that very same evening. Within a span of a week, they had been out a total of four times with him having made all the efforts to reach out, plan the dates and keep in touch almost daily. He was smitten!

Their last conversation was by phone and ended with a promise to follow up for their next date… and tumbleweeds.

As women, the usual followed and we analyzed for days. First were simple excuses thinking that he would surely resurface, then we questioned a number of unlikely scenarios, and naturally, after a week had passed, we decided to innocently scan The Gazette Obituaries.


Unfortunately, this disappearing act in the world of dating is only far too common and simply put, it hurts.

What is one to do when something like this happens? Especially when you feel certain there was a mutual connection. For those wondering, my girlfriend is a hot, successful and confident woman and no, she did not give it up. It’s frustrating for me, in my position, to not have the answers for her. Should she reach out and open herself up to more rejection? Should she wallow in her funk and keep to herself? What is the correct move?

There might not be a right answer, but I am certain about one thing. Being a grown up means doing the right thing whether or not it makes you uncomfortable. In this day and age, I would think singles dating would have the mutual respect to be honest about their intentions or feelings so there is an understanding and both people can move on.

So to current and future daters, put modern technology to good use. If you become uninterested in someone you’re dating, have the class and decency to inform them in a polite and respectful manner. Keep in mind that you could be that person on the other side, waiting for the phone to ring.


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