Got GlutesIt was 1992 when Sir Mix A Lot  spoke out first when he announced that he liked big butts and that was no lie.  It came as a refreshing change considering the “skinny-obsession” in early 90’s.  Fast forward to today when every other song on the radio has at least some reference to the female behind. It’s become very in to have a larger derriere to the extent that a ‘booty complex’ is starting to emerge and women are seeking butt implants more and more.   They actually sell a contraption similar to a  push up bra for the booty, it lifts the booty up without the need of padded underwear, silicon inserts, or booty enhancing pants. 

The holiday season has come and gone once again, I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends.  I was lucky enough to spend the last week or so at a party here, a dinner there and family get togethers that served lots of not so healthy food and drink. It was a good time, I indulged some but I rang in the New Year and now it’s back to business!!

[caption id="attachment_21058" align="alignleft" width="240"]Abandoned heels at a party Abandoned heels at a party[/caption] I really love this time of year, the lights, the picturesque snow covered trees..and the holiday parties!! Year round I can get away wearing ballet flats or a small pump when I’m dressed up for a party but there are two occasions that I feel a have to take it up a notch,  by taking it up I mean the height of my heels.  Weddings and holiday parties for me are really the only time I’ll wear a heel. The heel height I consider big to most of you might not seem very high at all.  An inch and a half to two inches is really my maximum, and even at that I struggle to look ladylike as I walk (let alone try to dance) with these things on my feet.  I am without a doubt more graceful with my hockey skates on then I am in a two inch heel.  But on these special occasions fashion trumps comfort.  I have yet to keep my heels on for an entire event, I bring backups and part way through the evening have changed into a more comfortable shoe, not as pretty but not as painful either.

Some say music makes the world go round.  For me, music gets me through hours of exercise and training every week.  It can get me across the finish line of a 10 km run, other days it pushes me to lift more, to do one more push-up or the last 5 squats.
For me training and music go hand and hand. I don’t remember a single workout when I didn’t have my music pumping.

[caption id="attachment_19746" align="alignleft" width="255"]I'm getting my nerve up to dive into my not so warm pool. I'm getting my nerve up to dive into my not so warm pool.[/caption] I’ve had days that I’d rather go for a bikini wax than actually put on a bikini or bathing suit - but I’ve put my bathing suit induced anxiety aside to hit the pool for a swimming workout.

[caption id="attachment_9386" align="alignleft" width="275"]The encapsulation style sports bra. The encapsulation style sports bra.[/caption]
Anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike going to the dentist. Well, going shopping for bras, especially sports bras, is a not so distant second.
Usually after spending a few hours and a lot of money on one or two bras that I think are going to be the bra of all sports bras, I am always disappointed. Bouncing up and down in the dressing room for 4 seconds is just never a good enough test (I know you’ve done this too) as actually running, stepping or skipping.  Somehow from the store to home my boobs seem to have either grown or shrunk and I am no longer staying in the cup!!!

Take a look what 30 days can do… [caption id="attachment_7945" align="alignright" width="300"] Great results and she didn't lose one pound. Gained muscle.[/caption] We all get into a rut. It happens to the best of us, even someone like me whose profession is all about staying F-I-T. Try as...

There are several components to training for overall fitness and today I’m going to have a look at strength training.
[caption id="attachment_5916" align="alignleft" width="299"]Fear not!! You won't bulk up if you start resistance training. Fear not!! You won't bulk up if you start resistance training.[/caption] For some reason, women tend to flock to the cardio section of the gym while only a handful will venture over to the weights section.  Many women are still hesitant to lift weights. And while cardiovascular health is a very important piece of the health puzzle, strength training is not to be ignored.  There are just so many benefits to resistant training! I will just touch on a few.

[caption id="attachment_5505" align="alignleft" width="300"]Two long time friends who enjoy fitness boxing regularly. Two long time friends who enjoy fitness boxing regularly.[/caption]
Have you ever thought of trying boxing? Kickboxing? I’m not talking about turning you into Rocky Balboa and putting you in the ring for a fight until TKO.
I’m talking about boxing and kickboxing for fitness. I can already feel your hesitation because I’ve had most people resist or turn down my initial offer to introduce them to fitness boxing or kickboxing, I am, however, very persuasive and manage to convince them to give it a try.  In 9 years of training fitness, boxing and kickboxing, I’ve never had a client who didn’t enjoy this type of workout. In fact, they’ve always come back for more.

[caption id="attachment_2752" align="alignright" width="157"]Yours truly a whopping 80 lbs heavier!!!  A little younger too ;) Yours truly a whopping 80 lbs heavier!!! A little younger too ;)[/caption] When I used to think of circuit training I would picture myself almost twelve years ago trying to lose some of the 80 lbs (yup 80!! ) I gained during my pregnancy with my daughter - at Curves going around the circle,  dancing on the platform - in between strength exercises. It helped me get started and get moving again.  Now my circuits are a little more intense but the basic idea is still the same.

While there is something about the atmosphere of a gym that I love, I haven’t trained in a gym in several years.  These days, I choose to work out at home. Amongst many other reasons, it just works best with my schedule.  I don’t need to get a babysitter, I don’t need to waste precious time driving to and from, and I don’t have to worry if I’m not wearing my best sports bra :).  But I am also disciplined enough to do my workouts at home.