UnknownI have been known to be somewhat stubborn about accepting that sometimes as much as I want it to my body just can’t do certain things. If I am injured and it's keeping me out of the gym or on the sidelines of a game, it is very hard for me to do.

I grew up thinking that pushing through the pain was the way to overcome it.

When I was younger and depending on the injury sometimes it worked but sadly as I’ve gotten older it just isn’t the case.  And now that I know more I don’t even want to try that, because I know you can do more harm than good by not taking the appropriate measures to heal when you are injured and that your brain sends warning signs to your body giving signals that you’ve had enough, that you should slow down or stop.

The holiday season has come and gone once again, I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends.  I was lucky enough to spend the last week or so at a party here, a dinner there and family get togethers that served lots of not so healthy food and drink. It was a good time, I indulged some but I rang in the New Year and now it’s back to business!!

In a few weeks I will be celebrating a birthday,  a big one!! I’m not gonna lie… I’m dreading it!!! I know it’s just a number.  I know it shouldn’t define me.  No I don’t feel older, as a matter of fact most of the time I feel like I’m nineteen years old and that’s part of the problem… Where did the last twenty years go?
In a blink of an eye I went from adolescent to middle aged!!! Somewhere along the way I picked up a husband, two kids, a mortgage etc… What freaks me out is what if the next twenty years go by just as quickly???

[caption id="attachment_9386" align="alignleft" width="275"]The encapsulation style sports bra. The encapsulation style sports bra.[/caption]
Anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike going to the dentist. Well, going shopping for bras, especially sports bras, is a not so distant second.
Usually after spending a few hours and a lot of money on one or two bras that I think are going to be the bra of all sports bras, I am always disappointed. Bouncing up and down in the dressing room for 4 seconds is just never a good enough test (I know you’ve done this too) as actually running, stepping or skipping.  Somehow from the store to home my boobs seem to have either grown or shrunk and I am no longer staying in the cup!!!

Take a look what 30 days can do… [caption id="attachment_7945" align="alignright" width="300"] Great results and she didn't lose one pound. Gained muscle.[/caption] We all get into a rut. It happens to the best of us, even someone like me whose profession is all about staying F-I-T. Try as...

There are several reasons why I love being a personal trainer:
#1- I am able to earn my living doing what I love #2- I get to help others reach their goals and live healthy lifestyles #3- I am active all day while working #4- I get to work with great people everyday

I remember as a teenager going to a “jazzercise” class with my aunt, struggling to follow along in my Flashdance attire, doing my best grapevine to Lionel Ritchie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling”.  Ok so I’ve just dated myself with several key words in that statement. 

[caption id="attachment_2752" align="alignright" width="157"]Yours truly a whopping 80 lbs heavier!!!  A little younger too ;) Yours truly a whopping 80 lbs heavier!!! A little younger too ;)[/caption] When I used to think of circuit training I would picture myself almost twelve years ago trying to lose some of the 80 lbs (yup 80!! ) I gained during my pregnancy with my daughter - at Curves going around the circle,  dancing on the platform - in between strength exercises. It helped me get started and get moving again.  Now my circuits are a little more intense but the basic idea is still the same.

Who has time? If I were to offer you a free one-hour spa treatment of your choice everyday for a week, would you accept it? Could you find the time?  If not everyday, surely you could do it every other day? Would you be able to...